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We can supply a low-cost cold room with an R value of 16 for your wine storage requirements. Whether you are a small restaurant owner or wine distributor, you can use our cold stores. As a general practice, you might prefer to install the cold room away from direct sunlight.


We can also provide the racks inside the cold store for wine storage. Our cold rooms will cost only a fraction of traditional cold rooms with chiller units.

Product Details of Low-Cost Vac-Kool Cold storage rooms for Wine & Beer
  1. Product Title: Low-Cost Cold storage rooms for Wine & Beer.
  2. Product Description: Economical cold rooms operating for storage of Wine and Beer. Low power consumption, low purchase and operating cost. Can connect to a generator or solar panels.
  3. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  4. Price: USD 3890.00
  5. Price valid until: 30-Dec-2022
  6. SKU: 1017000011
  7. Additional Type: VacKool-H22
  8. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

Please check the latest specification and prices with our offices.

We supply all these cold rooms for the storage of wine and beer across the major African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Algeria, Mauritius, Djibouti, Seychelles. Also, we supply these cheap cold rooms with Generators to Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Gabon etc.

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