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In the current business environment, these low-cost modular cold rooms will save you thousands of dollars towards saving in capital cost and energy savings. As the name explains this modular cold rooms we offer is created panel by panel and it doesn’t come as one fixed unit. In sudden circumstances, you may want a cold storage requirement but you don’t have enough space to install it so, in that case, we have a solution of a modular cold room storage because you can assemble and use it even in your backyard for the sudden requirement and easily adjustable.

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Why is our Modular Cold Room special?


Commonly, we use cold rooms to keep strong perishable items or else other temperature sensitive goods safely. Since these goods are tradable items, spoiling of these items will lead to business loss and reputation also. So in some seasons you have too many items to store may be in the seasons when you have a good harvest but in some seasons you don’t have many items to store in the cold room so in that situation you can adjust the cold room with the technical help as you prefer. And also you can install the cold room in a small kitchen as customer request. It’s flexible as that.

We use a high safety locking system for the cold room since the cold room you use not always keeping in an indoor location. Sometimes you have to keep it in outside and at holidays and nights, there will not be always someone to guard it so in that situations and also maybe you stock some important medicine, data, blood samples in the cold store. So we offer higher safety locking system so the security will be same as a normal walk-in cold room so the customer doesn’t have to worry about the security of it.


In the current unsteady economic world there are seasons with peak sales and also in some seasons you don’t have any sales at all, so the greatest benefit of our cold room is you can disassemble it and move it or rent it whenever you feel you don’t need it anymore. It won’t make any unwanted utility bills and it will be an extra income to you if you’re in a critical financial situation. And whenever you have the requirement you can take it back to you also. So with the help of our technical team, it will just take few hours or minutes to disassemble it and only 2 or 3 people required for the process also.

For this modular cold room we connect the power connection to customer preferences. Since the cold room is movable we can fix a portable easy handling generator and also if there is main power connection you can fix it to it. For our cold rooms, we manufacture in a cost-effective and efficient way so for the power connection there is no need of 3 phase high range power connection only single phase power connection is enough for this so there will be fewer utility bills also.

Why our cold rooms are special?


Our cold rooms are qualified by NYSERDA New York state energy research and development Authority and the main aim of the cold room is to offer a cost-effective and efficient product to the customer. With the unstable economic condition most of the business owners don’t have much interest to invest a large amount of money in a fixed asset with a high amount of utility bills. So we manufacture are a cold room with less initial investment, energy consumption, and maintenance. We used the normal home cooling unit and upgrade it to the cold room range using a special circuit manufactured in the USA. And if the customer prefers they can use solar power also for small size cold stores. So this will lead to minimization of the energy usage up to 50% or 60% and also it doesn’t want any special maintenance as for a walk-in cold room, the normal home maintenance will be sufficient.

We offer our cold rooms mainly depending on customers need for a competitive budget and if you have any query you can contact our sales team and we are ready to help you.