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Mobile cold rooms are rapidly popular among business industries as well as among individual people because it is exceptionally beneficial and extremely convenient. Moreover, in this current unstable economic environment, it will be an unexplainable risk to invest any funds to a walk-in cold room because in case if you want to change the business industry or move the business to another location it will be difficult to change the fixed assets. But once you go for a movable cold room when you feel to get rid of the assets you can do hire the cold room to another customer or else you can sell it with a good profit margin. So these mobile cold rooms are easy to handle depending on any circumstance.

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Special features of the Mobile cold rooms we offer


Mainly this cold room is good for hotels, small restaurants, functions, meat shops, mobile caters to store the temperature sensitive goods such as fruits, vegetables, fish or meat, sweets, chocolates which are above 0°C temperature level. And also this would be very cost effective because we upgrade the normal home AC to cold room level using a circuitry which is made in USA so the energy consumption is very less. It’s not necessary to pay much for outside people for any special cooling unit maintenance and the normal home AC maintenance will be more than enough for this. So the cost is half compared with normal cold room system.

Our cold room is tested by (NYSERDA) New York state energy research and development Authority and verified that it is in the best condition to use in day to day business and personal use. And we can offer any size of cold room depend on customer request, if someone prefers smaller size then we will offer a model which is suitable to keep in the backyard of your home. Or else if someone prefers to have larger size to keep in the industrial premises we are ready to offer and all these will be based on customer request and customer preference.

Order placing process


When we receive the enquiry from customer for the mobile cold room our sales team will design a customised mobile cold room based on many aspects such as which types of goods will be stored, the size of the cold room depending on number of units expecting to store, the pattern customer wants to store the goods, how much temperature range to maintain, which premises user expecting to locate the mobile cold room.  And especially we will offer a compatible price matching to the customer budget for the customised mobile cold room. We are delivering the mobile cold room to the customer preferred location and our engineers will do the initial high-grade installation matching to customer wish.

Why our mobile cold rooms are unique?


We use the power supply for this mobile cold room as the user prefers especially if the customer expects to have a mobile cold room with a generator or else he needs to connect it to the main electricity connection. Anyways we will use less power consuming high efficient portable generator which is easy to handle or else we are using single phase power supply which utilizes very little energy for your utility bill.

And also we have special models as single passenger sideway door and back door system. So it will make easy to load and unload the good without any maneuver and also in case of an emergency situation having multiple doors will be beneficial.

Moreover It will be well sealed and protected cold room since the cold room can be moved from place to place the likelihood of goods inside getting damage is very high. So we make this cold room in a manner which the goods will be safe while moving it. Once the cold room is shifting from location to location the weather condition will differ so we manufacture the cold room as durable to any weather condition which is winter, summer or rainy season.

Vacker global is always ready to offer the best product matching to customer requirement and only what you need to do is reveal your requirements to our sales team.