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Are you having the requirement for a container cold room to store temperature-sensitive products? These are especially useful for easy relocation. Our container cold room work in solar panels and small generators. Our cooling units consume very little energy compared to conventional units. Hence the operational cost and maintenance charges are very minimal for our cold rooms. We provide these container cold rooms across the world.

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We supply these container cold rooms across the world for storing fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry, eggs, medicines, vaccines, flowers etc. Differentcontainerized models are available for both freezers (below 0ºC) and chillers(above 0ºC).

Features of Vac-Kool Low-Cost Container cold storage rooms


We supply both 20 feet and 40 feet pre-fabricated containerized walk-in chillers. Based on your needs we can provide racks for storage. If you are using cold storage without racks, you have to be careful to leave enough space for air circulation. There should be enough space in the middle and the top. This is for cooling the entire space properly. This is true for any type of storage facility. The following are the major features of our container cold rooms: 

  1. You do not need an industrial type high rated power supply for these units. You just need a normal household single-phase supply.
  2. The power consumption is similar to normal split AC units used in houses.
  3. For remote areas, you can operate it with low powered portable generators.
  4. Also, you can operate these pre-fabricated container cold stores with solar panels. It is difficult to operate other conventional cold storage rooms in solar panels. This is due to their high power consumption.
  5. Since we are using special types of modified split AC units, the power consumption is low. The electricity requirement is up to 40% lower than conventional units.
  6. For the same reason, our prices also are up to 30 to 40% cheaper than conventional type units.
  7. The installation of the cooling units for chillers are extremely simple similar to normal home AC units. Hence it is easy for you to transport to any remote areas. Also, any local technicians can carry out the installation.
  8. There is only a small outdoor unit which we will keep inside the container. At the site, you need to install only this unit.  (If we are shipping to another country through the ship, we cannot keep anything outside of the container. Hence we pack the condenser unit separately and keep it inside the container. However for local transportation through trucks, you can transport without removing this outdoor unit. This is based on your local regulations.
  9. There is almost no need for regular maintenance, except for the cleaning of filters. In your home air conditioners, you do not need to do any regular maintenance. The maintenance of these units is almost similar.container-coldroom-vackerafrica
  10. The inner walls, floor and doors of this pre-fabricated container cold storage are having insulation panels for thermal insulation.
  11. If you want a small cabin for an operator, we can separate the container. There will be an inner door to the cold area. The small area for the operator will be at a normal temperature.
  12. It is easy for usage in remote farms for storage of all fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs etc. They don't have to worry about power supply from a grid.
  13. Also, it is useful for remote clinics and hospitals to keep medicines, vaccines etc.
  14. In the farming segment, you can easily ship the container cold room to different farms. Hence based on the season of the farm produces, the same container is useful for multiple farmers. As you can imagine, this is impossible with fixed cold storage.
  15. We can provide an additional battery-operated monitoring system to generate phone call alerts. In case the temperature goes high, it can give a phone call to the operators. In case of power failure also, it can generate phone calls.
  16. Another optional device is a temperature recording system so that you can keep a record. This is especially important if you are storing medicines, vaccines etc.
  17. We can also incorporate a remote monitoring system operating with a SIM card. Thus you can constantly check the temperature remotely.
  18. If you are operating these units in remote areas, we can also provide backup alert system. This will have two independent alert systems with two different technologies.
  19. The modified cooling units are tested and certified by NYSERDA (New York state energy research and development Authority). Over 45,000 cold rooms are working all around the world with this technology.

Pre-Fabricated Container walk-in cold storage rooms operating with portable Generators

The biggest advantage of our containerized walk-in cold storage is that it can be quickly relocated. This is possible because you do not have to worry about finding out the proper electricity supply in advance. Also, you do not have to worry about heavy and complicated cooling units. You can transport the whole unit along with the generator.

It is easily possible to operate our pre-fabricated Container walk-in cold storage rooms with small portable generators. For all normal operations, you will need a generator under 10kW. This varies based on the items being stored, the number of door openings, outdoor temperature etc. We will help you with the selection process. We do supply the entire unit with portable generators.

Features of our generator operated cold room containers

We can add a few additional features if you are operating the units with portable generators.

  1. We can provide a phone call alert system that generates phone calls if the fuel is finished. See explanation below after number 3.
  2. If you desire to save fuel, we can provide a system in which the generator will switch on automatically at intervals. Suppose you are keeping the medicines between 0ºC and 8ºC. The generator will switch off when the temperature is at 5ºC. Then the temperature will slowly start rising. Once the temperature reaches 7ºC, the generator will switch on. Thus you can keep the generator with refuelling for several days.
  3. Also, it will generate an alert if the temperature goes above programmed levels.

We can provide a phone call alert system to inform the operators in case the fuel is finished in the generator. Hence you do not have to worry about running out of fuel. If you want a bit more sophistication, we can provide a phone alert if fuel reaches a particular minimum level. However, this will be a bit more costly. Normally when the power goes off, the temperature will remain within limits for a few hours. Hence you will have enough time to go to the station to fill the fuel.

Container cold room operating with Solar Panels

Most of our pre-fabricated container cold rooms operate with electricity under 10kW. Hence you can operate them with Solar Panels. We can provide a complete solar panel system with battery backup. Also, you can consider a system with generator backup. In this case, you can operate in remote areas without any access to power. It can last for days or weeks before refuelling.

All the features described in previous sections of these documents are available for solar systems also. The additional features give you peace of mind that the temperature inside the rooms never goes above the permitted levelscoldroom-container-with-ac-units.

Applications of cold storage containers

Our pre-fabricated walk-in chillers and walk-in freezers inside the container are useful for any temperature-sensitive goods. We have our customers in the following segments:

  1. Container Data centres for operating remote work sites. We can provide a complete data centre inside a container.
  2. Storage of Fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables etc.
  3. Dairy farms can store all their dairy items such as milk, ghee, curd, cheese etc.
  4. Our cooling units do not produce a high level of air circulation. Hence they are very suitable for the storage of flowers.
  5. These are suitable for any sweet items such as chocolates, pastry, dates, cakes etc.
  6. Hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens use our units for the storage of food items, processed food items
  7. These are ideal for the storage of fish, meat etc. Should you require special rails for hanging meat, please inform us while ordering.

Advantages of a pre-fabricated container cold room

While deciding whether to have a fixed installation or a containerized chiller room, you may consider the following:

  1. The greatest advantage is, of course, easy transportation.
  2. You can install it in remote areas whether is no proper power supply.
  3. Also in the case of farming, you can operate these models very close to the farm.
  4. You can provide these storage facilities on a lease or rent basis to the users including seasonal farmers. They do not have to invest forever.

Product Description of Cold storage Containers 

  1. Brief Title of the device: Vac-Kool brand, Low-Cost container cold storage rooms for walk-in chillers and walk-in freezers.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Low-Cost Container cold rooms with modified economic cooling units for cost reduction and low power requirements. The complete cold room is fitted inside the container. Useful for Fruits, vegetables, medicines, dairy, poultry etc.
  3. Model number: VAC-CR-E20-2336
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number:1017000044
  7. Price (USD): 9160.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2022

Technical Specification of cold storage room in a 20ft. Container

  1. Cold storage size: 6.1 m X 2.4 m x 2.6 m (20 feet container)
  2. Wall/Ceiling: 50mm thick PIR Panel with slip joint
  3. Floor insulation: 50mm thick PU board in 2 layers
  4. Door type: Single Leaf Hinged Door - 01 nos.
  5. Temperature range: 3°C to 5°C
  6. Cooling Units: 18K BTU cooling unit - 02 nos.
  7. Wall/ Ceiling Panel: 0.5mm thick Prepainted Galvanized Steel
  8. Colour of panels: White Color (RAL - 9003 )
  9. The thickness of insulation wall: 50mm
  10. The material of insulation wall: Polyurethane of Density 42Kg/m3 B3 Insulation.
  11. An outer plate of insulation: 0.5mm thick Prepainted Galvanized Steel White Color ( RAL - 9003 )
  12. Type of jointing of wall panels: with tongue & groove & with ribs on both sides without Camlock.
  13. Floor: 50mm thick PU board in 2 layers
  14. Door Dimension: 0.9m (W) X 1.90m (Ht) With Pressure Port, Frame
  15. Door accessories: Heater, gasket & Polar Strip Curtain.
  16. Flashings: 0.5mm thick Prepainted Galvanized Steel White Colour (RAL - 9003) (Includes Internal External) & accessories (Includes Aluminium pop Rivets & Silicone Sealant)
  17. Temperature monitoring and recording system. This will generate phone calls and SMS alerts in case the temperature goes above a particular temperature.
  18. Door open alert system through a phone call alert system.
  19. Provision to connect a portable generator. (Generator is included in the supply as an optional item)
  20. Provision to connect a Solar system. (Solar system not included  in the scope)
  21. Steel racks inside the container alongside both walls. The width of the rack will be 70 cm.
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Also please see our separate pages for low-cost modular walk-in cold rooms for permanent installation instead of containers.

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