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Even though the split AC and window AC units are small, there is no limit to the size of the cold room. We have provided very huge cold rooms as can be seen in this photo. As the size of the cold room increases, the number of AC units will increase.

Features of our cooling units for cold storage:

  1. You will save up to 40% on the initial costs.
  2. You will save up to 50% on monthly electricity charges.
  3. There is no annual or monthly maintenance required.
  4. It can work on small generators or solar panels
  5. We provide 2 years warranty.

Cheap industrial & warehouse cold room


We have our own design calculation to achieve your desired temperature. As mentioned elsewhere, we recommend a door opening frequency of a maximum of 6 times per hour. You can use such cold stores for any of your applications at a positive temperature.

We are using split AC or window units of 24000 BTU/Hr capacity for these cold units.

How to convert an existing room or warehouse into cold storage?

If you want to convert an existing room into cold storage, we will provide the necessary technical support and the required materials for the same.

You can insulate the inner walls of the room and improve the thermal insulation. We will provide insulation material in rolls, which you can fit inside the walls. You can convert a brick wall room, concrete wall room, GI sheet walled room or even a wooden wall room. The walls should not have gaps that will affect the thermal insulation.

You can first install our modified split AC or window AC units. Thereafter you can fix the insulation sheets on the inner walls. Then you are ready to use your converted cold storage.

How to decide the number of cooling units for a warehouse cold storage

In order to decide on converting a warehouse into cold storage, we will require the following details from you:

  1. The size of the warehouse ie. Length, Width and Height of the warehouse.
  2. The temperature required by you. If you are not sure about the required temperature, you can inform us of the product you want to store and we will help you.
  3. The types of products you want to store inside the cold storage.
  4. If you want to operate the cold storage on generators, we will inform the required capacity.
  5. If you want to operate the cold storage on solar panels, we will inform the electrical requirements. In certain countries, we supply solar panels. However, you are also free to purchase the same at your end.

You may note that it is ideal not to open the doors frequently. Else it will consume additional electricity and may not be able to sustain the right temperature. If it is essential to open the doors very frequently, we will recommend additional cooling units.

In case you require to control the humidity, we can provide humidity control systems for cold storage. Certain fruits and vegetables require humidity at a particular level, without which the life will be shorter.

Product Details of Low-Cost Vac-Kool Industrial Cold storage rooms
  1. Product Title: Low cost industrial cold storage rooms.
  2. Product Description: Economical cold rooms for industrial applications for storage of Medical equipment, Fruits & Vegetables, Temperature-sensitive goods etc. It operates on a Single-Phase power supply. Also, it can work on Solar panels or with Portable Generator. Price is up to 50% lesser than conventional ones. Also, electricity consumption is up to 40% lesser. EASY TO ASSEMBLE YOURSELF. For all types of industrial applications above 0°C.
  3. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  4. Price: USD 3890.00
  5. Price valid until: 30-Dec-2022
  6. SKU: 1017000013
  7. Additional Type: Vac-Kool-H21
  8. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

Please check the latest specification and prices with our offices.

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We are supplying these cold storages across all African countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Mauritius etc.

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