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In many applications, especially for farming, sometimes it is required to convert an existing brick wall or concrete room into a cheap cold storage. The requirements may be seasonal or for aconvert-normal-room-into-cold-storage-VackerGlobal short period. In such cases, it may not be essential and economical to build a conventional cold storage for such purposes. In such cases, we propose our revolutionary technology to convert an existing normal room into a cold storage room above zero degree Celsius.

Convert existing brick, concrete, GI or wooden room into a cheap cold storage

You can convert any of the following types of rooms into a cheap cold storage:

  1. Brick wall rooms using mud bricks
  2. Hollow brick wall rooms, constructed using hollow bricks with cement or concrete.
  3. Concrete walled rooms with concrete blocks.
  4. Wooden wall rooms constructed with wooden planks without gaps in between.
  5. Sheet steel walled rooms, constructed with steel panels.
  6. GI panel rooms constructed using Galvanised Iron sheets.
  7. Aluminium sheet wall panels.

It is preferred that the roof of the room is horizontal and the room has to be fully enclosed with a proper door. If the roof is uneven, it is difficult to properly insulate the ceiling. The shape of the room is not important. As our intention is to cpnvert into a cheap cold storage, reducing cost in every aspect is important. If the room is rectangular in shape, the cost of conversion will be minimum.

How to convert the walls into thermally insulated walls for a cheap cold storage?insulated-sheet-to-convert-normal-room-into-cold-storage-VackerGlobal

In order to convert the room into a cold storage, first of all, the walls have to be insulated. This is essential because of the low temperature inside the cold storage. If it is not thermally insulated, the temperature will pass through the wall, reducing efficiency considerably.

We will supply the insulated sheets as per this image. You have to affix these sheets onto the walls using any normal adhesive. We will supply the material as per the room temperature required. Lower the temperature, the insulation should be thicker. You can use this method for any temperature above zero deg centigrade. Our aim is to make a cheap cold room and hence we have to reduce heat losses to the extent possible.

Economical cooling units for converting normal rooms into a cheap cold storage

You can use normal split AC or window AC units and use our special technology to convert them into cooling units. The number of required AC units is as per the size of the room and the required temperature. Split AC or window AC units are equally effective. We will modify the control circuit of these units and weconvert-existing-rooms-to-coldstorages-VackerGlobal will connect our special circuitry. This way we will convert the AC units into cooling units, capable of bringing down the temperature up to  0℃ (non -freezing) or 32.0 ℉. This will cost only half the amount of a normal conventional unit. Also, it will save you 50% of your power consumption.  Since they are normal AC units, they can work on single phase electricity. If you don’t have a regular power supply, they can work on a small generator or solar panels.

This becomes a very cheap cold storage in terms of initial cost as well as operational cost. There si no regular maintenance cost since they are simple AC units.

Please note that it is ideal not to open the door frequently. Else you will be wasting a lot of electricity and will take more time for cooling time. It is ideal even if you open the door only once in half an hour.

Applications of converted cold rooms:

you can use the converted cold rooms for any normal applications of cold storages. Few of tehm are listed below:

  1. Cold rooms for dairy products including milk, cheese, curd etc.
  2. Cold storage for storing flowers
  3. Fruits and vegetable cold storage
  4. Meat storage without freezing
  5. Egg storage
  6. Medicine cold rooms
  7. Industrial cold storages
  8. Cold Storage for food items
  9. Storage of sweets and chocolates
  10. Beer and wine cold storages
  11. Mortury / Morgue cold rooms
  12. Mobile cold rooms
  13. Cold rooms operating with Generators
  14. Conversion of containers into cold storage
  15. Cold storages for restaurants and hotels

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We are supplying these cold storages around the world, mainly covering Asian and African countries. VackerAfrica covers entire African content including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Djibouti, Rwanda, Uganda etc. You may contact us for your requirement anywhere across the world.

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