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Cold room is a small store where it maintains particularly lower temperature level. In day to day business world from small business owners to large scale business owners cold room has become a necessary item and it’s mainly to store the temperature sensitive goods which they trade in daily business. So it is necessary to monitor temperature level in order to avoid temperature fluctuations and trading goods damage. But checking temperature level continuously in the cold room will be a difficult task with the busy business work. So we, VackerGlobal provide a solution with Cold Rooms with WiFi Monitoring systems.

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In the modern world internet has become a necessary facility which every individual can access easily. So through the internet connection, any individual or business person can access the details about the temperature level as well as the humidity level in the cold room from any location. And also if the temperature or humidity level goes beyond the permitted range then it will give Email/Phone call and also SMS alerts your computer and mobile phones. You can decide whether you want to record temperature, humidity or both parameters.

The special features of our Cold Rooms with WiFi monitoring system


We offer many temperature and humidity monitoring systems which do constant monitoring of the temperature and humidity level and keep the data in the network system or else in a computer devise then it gives alert in case of power faultier, water leakage, smoke and gas leakage or too long door openings when the temperature goes beyond the permitted ranges. When placing these devices we conduct a special mapping study and identify the hottest and coldest place in the cold room and keep the devices in those places so it is easy to monitor the highest and lowest temperature levels directly.

Especially cold rooms with WiFi monitoring systems are used by the businesses industries such as pharmacy, small restaurants to large hotels, IT centers which store the goods like meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, blood samples, sweets, chocolates, medicine and vaccines, electric items.


Once our engineer place the monitoring system in the cold room there’s no need to change the location again and again because it will be fixed installation so it will record the data automatically and since there is WIFI connection you can get all the sensor data without too much complex wire systems.

Users can connect the temperature and humidity monitoring system to main power connection but in case if there is unexpected power failure there is nothing to worry about because the system has battery back-up recording feature and in case the battery charge level is low it also will give separate alert to you. If a customer wants to get the temperature and humidity level as a summary of graph or chart then you can get the recorded data as preferred way without any trouble.

In case if your company prefers to get the recorded data daily or weekly then you can programme the system as you wish which will be easy for your management team and also in case if you want different alerts from each sensor then we can fix it as you like. But the number of sensors you need to fix the cold room will decide by our specialized engineers through a mapping study and also from the dimensions of the cold room. And also the data recording frequency of the monitoring system will be decided by our specialists with temperature level and dimensions of the cold room.


The system is very user-friendly and to get the data into your computer you just have to download free software which we issue to you once we do the installation then you can do continuous monitoring of the temperature and humidity level of the cold store from your current premises. As customer request we can programme the device as to store data from 1 year to 5 years’ time and all specification will depend on your company policy.

Our cold rooms with WiFi Monitoring are tested and verified by (NYSERDA) New York state energy research and development Authority and verified that it functions properly and appropriate to use in daily business and personal use.

We offer many types of features and facilities but all these will be depending on the customers’ requirement. So, if you have any query kindly contact our VackerGlobal team.