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You can start a cold room rental business using our low-cost cold rooms and walk-in-chillers. The food industry is growing at a fast pace. A lot of farmers and distributors require cold storage facilities. Many of them look for temporary rented cold storages in Africa and around the world. We provide technical support for such rental companies especially if you are a startup. Our various low-cost cold rooms under VacKool are 30 to 40% cheaper and saves up to 50% on energy bills. Hence you can profitably start a cold room rental business in your country.

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In the old days, ice-cool trailers used as cold rooms but the issue was the freezer trailers was not fitting for the requirement and that’s how we offer cold rooms for the easiness of the customer request. Based on the customer requirement we can supply and install the cold room anywhere or anyplace it can be indoor or outdoor.


Once we received an order for a cold room one of our Engineers will come and visit the site and check the requirements and other specifications. Then if a customer needs technical or specialized help our representative will advise the size of the cold room and the temperature level which you have to maintain and the number of shelves needed upon the requirement and based on the application which they use. Depending on the request we can supply any size of cold room and for any temperature range as customer request.

The other benefit is the customer doesn’t have to concern about the delivery process, delivery safety or other delivery obstacles because once our sales Engineer recommended delivery duration our technicians will come and install the customised cold room which matches with customer requirement. Our technical team will bring the panels and install the unit whichever place the customer request.


In day to day work in hotels and any other industry some situations will occur as your currently using cool store or freezer broke down unfortunately and you cannot find a technician immediately and need to store the food items, or any other goods in a special temperature range to avoid the goods being waste so in that kind of a situation you will need a cold room to store the goods immediately. Maybe as in hotels if some special events are there you have to order extra food items or other stuff so in that case also if you don’t have enough storing space you can immediately go for a cold room for rent. Getting cold room for rent is the best option in these situations because the condition is unexpected and you don’t have to invest much money at once and once the requirement is finished you can get rid of the item easily and doesn’t have to store it uselessly.

Whether the requirement is immediate or a planned doesn’t matter for us and we always can provide the needed solution matching for any situation.

Another benefit of this is it's cost-effective depending on the requirement and matches for flexible solutions if you have any inquiry feel free to contact our sales team and tell us about your requirements and your budget level, depending on that we can give a customised high-quality solution which can fulfill all requirements.

Special features of our Cold Rooms for rent


These features we will add to the cold rooms for rent based on customer requirement,

  • For some industry applications they need special lighting systems inside the cold stores may be to maintain temperature or to check the situation of the goods so in that case based on the request we can provide lighting systems to customer.
  • We supply the cold rooms for rent with non-slippery and resin floors and we can maintain the hygienic factor also with special assembling method then no insects or dirt will come inside the cold store
  • As customer request we can include the strip curtains so the temperature inside the cold room will maintain as it is even the door was open for few minutes time

We can install temperature checking device outside or inside the cold room and from that the customer can easily check whether it maintains the required temperature range because in case if it is not maintained properly all the food items or the other goods will be spoiled.

Kindly contact our experts for more information.