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We are supplying cold rooms with Phone and SMS alerts. Customers are using cold rooms mainly to store the temperature-sensitive products. In case if it’s not maintaining the desired temperature range all the goods will be spoiled. It will lead to a loss of the business. And also it will be hard to keep one person always near the cold rooms. Our Phone call and SMS alert system is useful for all such applications. Our cold rooms with Phone & SMS alerts make an ideal solution for this issue.

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Generally, small business owners use these cold rooms. We also have large scale businesses which store their goods such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, sweets, chocolates etc. Also, another category of customers is for the storage of meat or fish. In the life care segment, these are useful for the storage of blood samples, medicines, vaccines etc.

These cold rooms are useful for industries such as hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, flower shops, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical distributors etc. It is very difficult to keep one person on the premises always to check the temperature level. Also, the cold room may be in a distant location. Irrespective of the location, it requires monitoring on holidays and during night time.

It is very necessary to check the temperature level frequently. If the cold room does not keep the desired temperature, the goods get damaged. So we provide our cold rooms with an optional fitting of a Phone call and SMS alert system. coldroom-with-alerts-vacker In present-day, a mobile phone is a very common device among all types of people. For this, we connect your mobile phone to the cold room system. You need only a normal phone and do not need a smartphone. In case the temperature goes above or below the range then suddenly it will give a phone call or SMS alert to your mobile phone. In that instant, you can check the cold room and fix the issue. Our advanced systems also send you the current temperature inside the cold storage.

Special benefits of our Cold Rooms with Phone call and SMS alert System

phonecall-alert-system-device-for-cold-room We manufacture our cold room especially with the purpose to reduce capital cost and increase efficiency. Mainly in the current unsteady economy, any business owner would like to save money. It is important to save money on the initial investment, utility bills, and maintenance cost.

Our cold rooms provide all these combined as a single solution. As a solution for this, we provide a cooling unit system very similar to a normal home unit. This will be the cooling system for the cold room. There is a special circuitry which is manufactured in the USA. This circuitry makes it bring the temperature up to 2°C. So it will lead to lower initial cost as well as lower electricity bill.

Also since there are similar to home ACs, maintenance cost is very low. You do not need regular maintenance similar to the high-end cooling units of conventional cold rooms. Also, the energy consumption is 30 to 50% lesser than the conventional units. Once the customer places the inquiry our engineers will design customized cold rooms. The Phone call and SMS alert system for cold rooms is optional. We can provide the same to any of our cold rooms.

We have our standard cold rooms in different sizes. However, the customer can request any size, temperature level, number of doors, special locking systems and other features. The design of the cold storage room is in separate panels. Hence it is very easy to install using any local technician. The cooling unit is similar to any normal AC. It will take only 2 days and a maximum 2 technicians to complete the assembly.

It does not require any special training for the installation. These cooling units are certified under (NYSERDA) New York state energy research and development Authority. Hence there is no need to worry about the quality of the cold room. Also, we provide 2 years warranty on the cooling units

Special features of phone call and SMS alert system for Cold Store rooms


  1. We are offering a SIM card based phone call and SMS alert system. It can give alert for temperature variations Also it can give alerts for power failure and also water leakage. In case you are using our cold room with a generator, it can give an alert when the generator runs out of fuel. The system continuously keeps checking the temperature. If the temperature is out of the range for 3 minutes it will give the alerts.
  2. Our phone calls will give alert 99 times until someone responds to it. Someone has to acknowledge the alert by pressing the # button. Still, if no one responded for the phone call, it will give alerts once every 10 minutes.
  3. This system can give alert to 8 users. But all these features will depend on customers request. If a customer wants more features they can talk with our specialized engineers. They will help you select various features as you wish.

We are ready to give customized solution as per the client’s requirements. You may contact is to discuss your requirements with our specialized engineers.


Product Details of Low-Cost Vac-Kool Cold storage rooms with SMS and phone call alerts
  1. Product Title: Low-Cost Cold storage rooms with SMS and phone alert.
  2. Product Description: Low-cost cold rooms for storage of Food, Chocolate, Flowers, Medicine, vaccines, Vegetables, Eggs etc. It has an SMS and phone call alert for temperature variation. Low initial cost & low energy consumption.
  3. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  4. Price: USD 3890.00
  5. Price valid until: 30-Dec-2022
  6. SKU: 1017000018
  7. Additional Type: Vac-Kool-H
  8. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

Please check the latest specification and prices with our offices before purchase.

The following are our different models of modular walk-in cold rooms with Phone & SMS alert system (Optional)

  1. Model number VAC-H1 for fruits and vegetable storage. We can provide these models at different sizes.
  2. Model number VAC-H3 for food storage. The food storage cold rooms will have a special food-grade coating inside the cold room if required by you.
  3. Model number VAC –H4 for meat storage. In a meat cold room, one of the challenges is the removal of water, blood etc. We will provide a small opening with a valve for this purpose if required by you. You can always provide a hole by yourself. However, if air comes into the cold room regularly, it will affect the performance.
  4. Model number VAC-H8 for flower storage. We can provide any size as required by you.
  5. Model number VAC-H9 for restaurants. For small restaurants, we provide small-sized cold storage rooms to save space.
  6. Model number VAC – H11 for dairy products. If you require, we will provide a small airtight outlet for water.
  7. Model number VAC –H15 for morgues, mortuaries, crematoriums. This is for positive temperature between 2 to 4°C for keeping bodies.
  8. Model number VAC-H20 for mobile cold storage rooms to assemble on trailers. This is highly customized to suit the trailer sizes.

We supply all these cold rooms across the major African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Algeria, Mauritius, Djibouti, Seychelles. Also, we supply these cheap cold rooms to Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Gabon etc. Please Contact Us for all your requirements of a positive walk-in cold room, cold store, walk-in refrigerators, etc.