Cold Rooms with Phone call and SMS alert

//Cold Rooms with Phone call and SMS alert
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We are using cold rooms mainly to store the temperature sensitive products and in case if it’s not maintaining the desired temperature range all the goods will be spoiled and it will lead to a loss of the business. And also it will be hard to keep one person always near the cold rooms with a Phone call and SMS alert and asking to check the temperature regularly. So VackerGlobal make an ideal solution for this issue.

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Generally these cold rooms are using by small business owners to large scale business and they store the goods such as fruits, vegetables, chocolates, meat or fish, blood samples, IT related data and server information, types of flowers, sweets and the cold rooms are used by the industries as hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, flower shops, data centres. So it is very difficult to keep one person in the premises always to check the temperature level and maybe the cold room is in a distant location or else may be in holiday dates and also during night time. But it’s very necessary to check the temperature level frequently since if the goods got damaged because the cold room does not maintain the proper temperature level then the whole business will be at a risk. So regarding the issue, we make a solution for this with Phone call and SMS alert system.


In present-day a smartphone is a very common device among all types of people. So for this, we connect your mobile phone to the cold room system and in case the temperature went above or below the range then suddenly it will give a phone call or SMS alert to our mobile phone. So in that instant you can check the cold room and fix the issue or else you can ask for specialist advice to fix it urgently to avoid the goods getting wasted.

The special benefits of our Cold Rooms with Phone call and SMS alert System


We manufacture our cold room especially with the purpose to increase cost-effective and efficiency. Mainly in the current unsteady economy, any business owner or the personal user cannot spend much money on an initial investment, utility bills, and maintenance cost. As a solution for that, we upgrade the home AC cooling unit system to a cold room cooling unit system via an especial circuit which is manufactured in the USA. So it will lead to lower initial cost as well as lower electricity bill and also since the normal home AC is upgraded to cold room range the normal home AC maintenance would be enough and the high-end cold room maintenance would not be required. No, the energy usage is half contrast with the normal cold room.

Once customer place the inquiry our engineers will design customised cold rooms with Phone call and SMS alert as wished by the customer with the request size, temperature level, number of doors, special locking systems and any requested features. And then our sales engineer will request a competitive price which matches customer budget level. For the installation it will take only 2 or 3 hours and maximum 2 technicians will come and assemble it so it won’t give much rushing environment to our customer. And also our cold rooms with Phone call and SMS alert are certified under (NYSERDA) New York state energy research and development Authority so no need to worry about the quality of the cold room.

Special features of phone call and SMS alert system

  • We are offering SIM card based phone call and SMS alert system and doesn’t give alert only for temperature hike, but also it will give an alert when there is a power failure and also water leakage. The system will check and if the temperature is out of the range for 3 minutes it will give the alerts.
  • Our phone calls will give alert 99 times until someone respond to it by pressing the ‘’ # ‘’ button. Still, if no one responded the phone call will give alerts once every 10 minutes time.
  • This system can give alert to 8 users but all these features will depend on customers request and if customer wants more features they can talk with our specialized engineers and adjust the features as they wish.

We are ready to give customised solution as per client wish and what you have to do is to reveal your expectations to our specialized engineers.