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Cold rooms will generally required to store the temperature sensitive goods and most of the time small hotels, restaurants, food delivery shops request these types of cold rooms with Generators and in case if some temperature changes happened unexpectedly all the stored goods will be a waste and it will lead to a loss of the business. So to avoid such things we recommend a cold room with a generator and it will be the best option for any industry which store temperature-sensitive goods.

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Special features of our Cold Rooms with Generators

Our cold rooms use a special cooling system which is very cost effective and easy to maintain. Based on the details customer provides such as for what applications cold room is needed, required temperature level and size of the cold room our engineer will design a cold room and suggest the mode of the cooling system (whether it has to be a split AC or window AC). For the cooling unit, the customer does not have to spend special maintenance since they are upgrading the normal home AC to special cold room range. So the energy usage will be very low and special cooling unit maintenance process will not be required and the normal home AC maintenance system will be more than enough for our cold rooms. For these special customised cold rooms with generators, the customer does not have to take care and concern about the power supply or the power maintenance since our technical team is well trained and will take care of all the aspects while installation. And also our cold rooms are tested and certified by NYSERDA (New York state energy research and development Authority) as the cold rooms are in best condition.

Why a generator is required along with the cold room?


We are supplying self-powered cold rooms because especially in some circumstances may be you will lose the power connection in your premises regarding various technical or natural reasons. So, in that case, no one has to worry about the safety of the temperature sensitive goods since if you have a cold room with a generator that will take care of the goods. This is mainly beneficial if you have non-freezing goods industries like dairy, meat, fish, fruits, flowers, medicines, special seeds, preserve blood which is above 0°C.

Installation process


Once customer sent the enquiry requesting cold rooms with generator then our sales engineers will collect essential details such as number of goods stored in the cold room, size of the cold room, for which applications they use,how much power connection they required for the generator, which mode and how many cooling units required. As the next step we will decide a pricing based on customer’s budget and once all the confirmations are done our technical team will come to your premises and assemble the cold room as panels and conduct a high-grade installation with generator power supply. It will take minimum time as 2 to 3 hours for the installation and our 2 technicians will conduct the process so it won’t give much trouble for the customer.

For a basic cold room depending on customer request three phase high power connections not required and customers can use simple single phase power supply for the generator and it will be a cost less fuel consumption system so it will lead to cost-effective business process.

About the generator we use

The power range of the generator will always depend on the customer’s request as mentioned before but most of the time we have a high demand for small portable cold rooms with generators since they are cost-effective and easy to handle. Most of our customer will be small bars and restaurants, and pharmacy so they want a cost-effective and efficient generator for power supply. And also this generator has the greatest mobility so it’s easy to move from place to place as customer preference without any need of too much manpower. And it will be user-friendly so any level of the customer can understand the mechanism in that and it won’t be an issue to operate it. Generally, when dealing with electricity or power supply any person has a natural fear but the model of the cold rooms with generators we issue, is perfectly safe to handle for anyone.

So if you have any enquiry regarding the cold rooms with generator please feel free to contact our VackerGlobal sales team.