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Our low-cost, high-quality cold rooms VacKool-H8 are very well suited for cold rooms for flowers storage. As all flower dealers agree, if there is high airflow, the flower reduces its life. But Normal cooling units produce high airflow which damages the flowers. However, our cooling units produce very small airflow. Hence, our units are most ideal for flower storage.

Depending on the size of the cold store, you can install any number of cooling units to achieve the desired temperature. Obviously, these cold rooms also can work on generators.

Low-Cost, High-Quality cold storage & walk-in-chiller VacKool-H8 for Flower storage

We use modified split AC units and window AC units as cooling units instead of normal cooling units. Hence, these are much cheaper to your pocket in terms of initial cost and electricity. We modify the units using special hardware manufactured in the USA. The same has been tested extensively and there are over 60,000 units in operation across 60 countries. We provide 3 years warranty too on these units. Normally we store flowers above zero degrees centigrade typically 3 Degree C and above. Our cold rooms are ideal for such applications.

Features of low-cost Flower cold rooms VacKool-H8

A few of the major features of our low-cost cold storage are given below:

  1. Most importantly they are up to 40% cheaper when compared to normal cold rooms.
  2. Next is that the energy consumption is up to 50% lower than normal cold rooms. This will save you anywhere from 40 to 50% on your energy bills. Of course, it contributes to a greener earth.
  3. We provide 3 years warranty on these cooling units which will give you the utmost satisfaction.
  4. It does not require any special annual maintenance. Hence we will not offer a maintenance contract. This will save thousands of dollars.
  5. As these require very low power, you can use a generator or solar panels too.
  6. You require a normal home or office power supply for operating these low-cost cold rooms. You do not require high power, 3 phase industrial power supply.
  7. As these do not involve heavy cooling units, the installation is very simple and cheap.

These units are suitable only for temperatures above zero Deg C/32 DEg F. This temperature range is suitable for all types of flowers.

Low-Cost flower display cold store model with glass wall VacKooL-H8G

We can modify the VacKool-H8 with a display on one or more walls. We will provide double glass walls with a vacuum between them. This will provide thermally insulated walls similar to thermal panels. Hence the walls will not cause sweating due to moisture in the air. You can operate VacKool-H8 with normal single-phase electricity. As these units do not have high airflow, the lifetime of flowers will increase. Also, the cooling units are small and hence you will save a lot of space inside the display cold room.

However, note that these cold storages are meant for door openings no more than once in 15 minutes. If your frequency is higher than this, please let us know specifically so that we can increase the number of cooling units in the same room.

Applications of low-cost Flower storage cold rooms VacKool-H8

The highly economic cold rooms VacKooL-H8 can be used for any type of flower storage. A few of them include:

  1. Storage of cut flowers directly at the flower farms.
  2. Storage of tropical flowers.
  3. Storage of all types of flowers in transit.
  4. Storage of flowers at a flower wholesaler.
  5. Flower display cold storage for a flower shop and retailer.

Cost-saving examples of Low-cost flower cold rooms

We are providing herewith a sample calculation of yearly savings of our cheap flower cold storage room.

Comparison of a cold storage of size: 3.5 meter x 3.5 meter Cold Storage with conventional cooling units


VacKool-H8 cold storages



Savings in the first year



Cost of the complete cold storage 6,600.00 4,700.00 1,900.00
Installation charges 1,800.00 600.00 1,200.00
Electricity charges per year 12,300.00 7,200.00 5,100.00
Annual Maintenance charges 500.00 500.00
Total savings in first-year – USD 21,200.00 12,500.00 8,700.00

The above comparison is merely for an understanding and in no way represent the actual figures in your country. Please contact us with your required details and we will be able to provide further details.

Product Description of Low-Cost Cold Rooms for Flower Storage

  1. Brief Title of the device: Vac-Kool brand, Low-Cost container cold storage rooms for storage of fresh flowers
  2. Brief Description of the device: Low-Cost cold rooms for Flower storage for Flower farms, flower shops etc. These are with economic cooling units for cost reduction and low power requirements. They work on normal home electric supply, on solar or generators.
  3. Model number: VacKool-H8
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number:1017000015
  7. Price (USD): 3890.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2022

Please contact our offices or distributors for the latest specifications and prices before finalization.

Please contact us for your requirements of low-cost flower cold storage and your nearest distributor of Vacker will contact you.

We supply all these cold rooms for dairy storage across the major African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Algeria, Mauritius, Djibouti, Seychelles. Also, we supply these cheap cold rooms with Generators to Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Gabon etc.

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