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We supply cheap cold storage type Vac-Kool for avocadoes. After plucking avocadoes, we need to keep the avocados at 5-6 Deg C. While plucking the avocados will be between 15 to 25 Deg C. The ideal relative humidity is 80% to 90%. Ripening does not happen at this temperature and is easy to transport. You can load the avocados directly into a precooled container or load into cold storage at around 5 Deg C.

Cheap cold storage Vac-KooL for Avocadoescheap-coldstorage-for-avocados-VacKool

Vac-Kool cold storage by Vacker operates with modified split AC or window AC units. Hence these are 30 to 40% cheaper than conventional cold storage. Special features of Vac-Kool cold storages are given in brief below:

  1. The initial cost is 30 to 40% cheaper than a conventional type of cold storage.
  2. The electricity charges are 40 to 50% lesser than conventional cold storage.
  3. You can install the cold storage near to your farm and operate on a generator in case you do not have a power supply.
  4. You do not need a high power electricity supply since our cold storages work on a home power supply.
  5. You can operate the same using a solar panel also.
  6. Vac-KooL does not need any special maintenance since they are simple split AC units.

How to select the right Vac-KooL cold storage for Avocado storage?

If you need to keep the humidity at 80=90% RH, you will need a humidifier. This is a simple device that converts water into moisture. There are simple humidifiers available in the market. Fill the tank of the humidifier with water and switch it on for a couple of hours. You can use a hygrometer to keep a check on the humidity levels. If your humidifier has an automatic control, it will switch OFF and ON depending on the desired humidity levels.

We require the following details in order to supply the right cold storage for Avocados:

  1. The size of the cold room required by you. If you are not clear of the size, you may indicate the approximate weight of the avocados you need to store. We will recommend the size accordingly.
  2. The country that you operate. This will help us determine the ambient temperature from the weather records.
  3. The temperature of Avocado when you pluck it from the trees. This will help us determine the size of the cooling units.
  4. If you require us to supply a humidifier, please let us know. However, it will be readily available in your country and we recommend that you may buy the same at a later stage if required by you.

Technical details of Vac-KooL Avocado cold storage


Room Temperature 5 Degree C
Product incoming Temp 15-20 Degree C
Panel Construction Prefabricated sandwich PUF panels with Cam-lock & PVC gaskets on all sides. All panels fit together by cam lock. Panel with grooves to increase the strength. Wall, ceiling & floor all get together by the mentioned arrangements.
Panel Thickness 80 mm. PUF ( polyurethane foam),  Density 40 + 2 Kg / m3 Puf blowing agent-141B (CFC free)
Panel Surface Material 80 mm. Puf Panel Both side pre-coated GI sheet, Sheet Thickness 0.45mm.
Floor Insulation 80 mm PUF panel with both side pre-coated GI sheet
Door Accessories Flush type Swing Door with Heavy-duty Imported Hardware like Hinges, Handle & Door closer. Door frame made in Heavy-duty PVC profile with inbuilt heater arrangement to remove defrosting on door & Push type Gasket to stop air lose & easy operation for Long life.
Door Opening size & Nos. Door opening size : 34″ x 78″ (W x H) & 02 Nos. Without Heater
Light Vapour proof Bulkhead provides proper lighting in each & every corner of the cold room.
Pressure Relief port We are providing a Pressure relief port to balance the air pressure within the room to reduce the damage of the panel due to vacuum.
Kick Plate We are providing an Aluminum Checkered Plate on both sides of the Door bottom to reduce damage.
Safety Release Knob Safety release Knob placed at the inner side of the door for safety precautions.

Our cold storage are installed in various Avocado producing countries including Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya etc.

Product Details of Low-Cost Vac-Kool Cold storage rooms for Avocadoes
  1. Product Title: Low-Cost Cold storage rooms operating with a Generator for avocadoes.
  2. Product Description: Economical cold rooms operating with a Generator for Avocadoes. Low power consumption, low purchase and operating cost. Can connect to a generator or solar panels.
  3. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  4. Price: USD 3890.00
  5. Price valid until: 30-Dec-2022
  6. SKU: 1017000008
  7. Additional Type: VacKool-H22
  8. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

Please check the latest specification and prices with our offices.

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Please contact us to discuss further and for a quotation for Avocado cold storages.

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