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You are familiar with cold rooms with huge cooling units. Our cheap cold rooms work with cooling units similar to split AC units and Window AC units. We incorporate proprietary circuitry to work as coolers. You can save thousands of dollars on initial cost and operational costs. Most importantly, you do not require regular maintenance by expert technicians.

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Cold rooms working on Split AC & Window AC units

We supply these modular walk-in cold rooms along with the AC units. We undertake complete installation also. However, we encourage our customers to carry out the installation themselves with the help of local technicians.

Features of Vacker cold store with Window AC:

The following are the major features of our modular cold rooms with window AC or split AC.

  1. The cold storage room works with an AC similar to a window AC or split-unit AC. We incorporate special circuitry for usage in cold rooms.
  2. This saves initial investment up to 40% on the complete walk-in cold room.
  3. Modular cold stores are easy to assemble with local technician.
  4. The installation of AC does not require any special technical skills. Hence, any local technician can assemble the same.
  5. We provide 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects on the cooling units.
  6. Normal cooling units require specialized regular maintenance. However, these units require only normal maintenance similar to home AC units.
  7. Conventional cooling units consume very high electricity. Our units consume very small energy. It saves up to 50% energy charges. (May vary based on your local electricity tariff)
  8. These split AC units take only normal current. Hence, they can run even in a small generator. Therefore, even if you are installing in a remote area, you do not have to worry about the power.
  9. Works on normal Single Phase electricity rated 13A similar to normal home units. Hence, it does not require high power 3 Phase power supply.
  10. We can also install these for Mobile cold storage rooms on trucks & vans.
  11. As they consume very small power, they can work on solar power too.
  12. We have already installed over 35000 cold rooms in the USA and around the world.

In this article, we have mentioned split AC and window AC interchangeably. However, both are equally suitable for all applications. Based on your exact requirements, we will be selecting the right one for you.

Calculation of cost savings for a small walk-in cold store using our AC units

Cold room of size 4mx4mx5m Normal cold room + top-mounted cooling units (USD) Vacker Modular Cold room + modified window AC unit (USD) Saving (USD)
Cost of supply of the cold room 9,100.00 6,600.00 2,500.00
Cost of installation 1,500.00 200.00 1,300.00
Cost of Energy per month (Will be different based on your country) 500.00 150.00 350.00 per month
Average Maintenance cost per six months 500.00 0.00 500.00 per six months
Total cost for 2 years $ 24,600.00 $ 10,400.00  
Total saving for 2 years     $14,200.00

The above costs are indicative and will vary. It depends on your country, taxes, duties, manpower cost etc. However, this gives you a general idea of the cost savings. The modular walk-in cold rooms & AC units considered above are supplied from Dubai. We also provide these units from our Asian units.

Are these cheap cold storages suitable for you?


In order to decide whether our system is suitable for you, you may consider these facts:

  1. It may take up to 60 minutes for the first time cooling up to 4°C. These are smaller Window AC/Split AC units. Hence it takes a longer time to cool down. However, if we use additional cooling units, we can improve the cooling time.
  2. We recommend our cheap cold stores for applications with a maximum of 6 door openings per hour. If you have more door openings, you can increase the number of AC units. If you are a large hotel needing frequent door opening, we recommend having a big Vacker cold room and a small conventional cold room. In such a case, you can take the items once in an hour from Vacker walk-in cold stores and keep it in the small cold room. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money on capital, operational and maintenance costs.
  3. If you are opening the door regularly, the ideal temperature is 2.2°C (36°F) or above. If you need a temperature below 2.2°C, we can provide additional AC units and recommend very few door openings. Eg. If you are cold storage, which you open only a few times a day, then it is fine to achieve and maintain above 0°C.
  4. These are not freezers. Our systems cannot operate as freezers. These can operate only above 0°C (32°F). If you want below 0°C, you have to depend on conventional freezers only. We supply those units as well.
  5. If you are in a country having extreme cold conditions, please consult us. It will work in such conditions. However, we need to select particular brands and capacity for best performance.
What are the applications of these cheap cold rooms with Vacker cooling units?

You can use these economic walk-in cold rooms for any normal non-freezing applications. The applications are similar to conventional cold rooms. The major applications of our customers are as below:

    1. By farmers for storing their fruits and vegetables. They will store near to their farm before further processing. They will have a limited power supply and probably limited space. They can easily install a small cheap cold store without much investment.
    2. Storage of meat especially in restaurants and distribution centres. For such usages, the temperature will be normally 3-4°C. Restaurants and hotels are always short of space. Installing a walk-in cold room with a big cooling unit is always a constraint. Our economic cold rooms are ideal for such situations.


  1. Cold stores for flower storage. The conventional walk-in cold rooms are not good for flower storage because of the high flow rate of air. Powerful airflow reduces the life span of fresh flowers. Our units do not generate high airflow. Hence, our cheap cold rooms are excellent for flower storage. Our customers use the fresh-cut flowers from farms, flower shops, wedding flowers etc.
  2. You can use these units in the wine cellar for the storage of wine. Wine cellars in restaurants and hotels will have space constraints. As our cheap cold stores do not need big cooler units, you will have all the convenience.
  3. We also have many customers using our cold rooms as bar coolers. The applications are similar to wine cellars.
  4. Brewery cold rooms do not require regular door opening. Hence, our cold rooms are best suited for such applications too. As our cold rooms deliver a steady temperature, these are suitable for brewery applications.
  5. Walk-in cold stores for fragmenting and laagering process. Such processes require a temperature of around 10°C (50 °F). Hence, we have many satisfied customers in this segment too.
  6. Cold rooms for dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter etc. We have hundreds of customers using our modular cold rooms and mobile cold rooms. They use these for the storage of dairy products. Cheese dries fast if the airflow is high. As our units are having a very low airflow rate, this is not a problem at all.
  7. Our customers also use our modular cold rooms for Mortuaries, funeral homes, crematoriums etc. operating between 2°C to 4°C.
  8. For restaurants and hotels for all types of food, including cooked food. Our modular cold stores are economical for all types of restaurants applications.

Economic mobile cold rooms

We can supply economic models of mobile cold rooms using window AC units as seen in this image. You can tow the mobile cold store to any place you want and simply plug it into the local power supply. You can also provide these cold room units on a lease basis to customers as per their requirements. This becomes a continuous stream of revenue for you.

Suppose you want to transport any goods for short distances in cold conditions. You can very well do so after disconnecting the power. You can store the goods, cool them down sufficiently and disconnect the power. Thereafter you can move the mobile cold room to another place. But, do not open the doors until you are ready to unload the items at the destination. The distance you can cover depends on your local climate conditions. If you inform us of your location, we will be able to help in estimating the distance you can travel without power.

Use our walk-in fridge with a special AC unit instead of large-sized front door refrigerators


A small cold store will be cheaper than your double door industrial refrigerator. Thus, the cold room will be of a bigger size. So think of the economics of a big refrigerator. Instead, you can go for a complete cold room. You can use it for all refrigeration applications such as fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. However, you may note that this may not be suitable for a supermarket. In a supermarket, a lot of customers open the doors very frequently. If the door opening is under your control then it is fine. Then you can ensure a limited number of door openings.

How the modular cold room with window AC works?

The operating principle of our units is the same as that of conventional big cooling units. The big cooling units work more on airflow using big powerful fans. These fans circulate the air at a much faster rate. Any normal AC units are capable of cooling down the atmosphere sufficiently to very low temperatures. However, the electronic circuitry of all such units is having limitations to reduce the temperature below 16°C. Our special circuitry permits the AC unit to work in a different mode permitting it cool down further.

Most of the conventional cooling units are oversized

When you install a conventional cold room, the conventional cooling units are generally oversized. This is because of different design criteria. This escalates your initial investment as well as regular electricity bills. In our cheap modular cold stores, you can always add an additional AC unit if you feel that you require more cooling power. (However, this will depend on the size of the cold room, present position of the AC etc.)

Energy-saving cold storage rooms


Presently energy saving is a huge subject in view of concerns about the environment. As our cold rooms are operating with small AC units, they consume very small electric power. The conventional chiller units consume a huge amount of power. The power is mainly for their compressors and evaporators. All of them generally require 3 phase electric power. We will require only single-phase electric power unless the size is huge. Our cold stores save up to 40-50% of power compared to conventional units. Hence our cold storage rooms are very environment-friendly. Obviously, as you can imagine, the small ACs consume very small energy compared to huge monstrous chiller units.

Your regular cold room supplier will not promote our units since their revenue comes from their chiller units. The supply & installation charges are huge. And thereafter you have to depend on them for regular maintenance as well.

Installation of economic cold stores with Vacker AC units

We supply modular cold storage rooms, which you can easily install using local technicians. We provide installation videos for the installation. You do not require any specialized technical skills. The modular cold room comes with a floor and walls. We supply the modified AC along with the cold room. The complete installation will not take more than 1 day for a small cold storage room. You will be saving thousands of dollars towards installation costs themselves. Our helpline is available for any assistance.

What is the warranty on the units?


We offer two years warranty on the cooling units along with the electronic circuitry. Similar units have been working for the past 10 years in various countries.

Are these cold storage rooms reliable?

The manufacturer has carried test of the complete system of modified AC units along with the electronic circuitry at NYSERDA, (the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority). They have certified that the system works perfectly without overburdening the AC units.

There is no worry of overburdening the AC units since our circuitry takes care of controlling the AC units. In fact, if the number of door openings is 6 per hour, the AC unit will have a longer life, since the number of cycles is reduced.

Cold rooms with temperature mapping study

We as cold chain experts, carry out temperature mapping studies and qualification of cold storage rooms. We can provide supply, installation and temperature mapping study of these modular cold rooms with split or window AC units. This is useful if you are using these cold rooms for keeping medicines between 2 to 8 °C. Many medicine manufacturers and local authorities stipulate temperature mapping studies for storage for medicines.

As per our experience, the risk at the lower side is very minimal with our system. Hence, we have to focus only on the upper limit, which we can achieve very safely. Hence, if you are going to use these cold rooms for the storage of medicines, we can complete proving the performance by conducting a temperature mapping study at the site for additional charges. Thus, you and your auditors will have proof that the cold storage room works exactly between 2 to 8°C.

Product Details of Low-Cost Vac-Kool Cold storage rooms
  1. Product Title: Low-Cost Cold storage rooms for fruits, vegetables, medicine, vaccine, food, flowers.
  2. Product Description: Economical cold rooms operating with small AC units. Low power consumption, low purchase and operating cost. Can connect to a generator or solar panels. For Food, Chocolate, Flowers, Medicine, vaccines, Vegetables, Eggs etc. 
  3. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  4. Price: USD 3890.00
  5. Price valid until: 30-Dec-2022
  6. SKU: 1017000022
  7. Additional Type: Vac-Kool
  8. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal
Type of modular cold storage rooms

window-ac-cold-room-for-meat-coldroom-africa-vackerglobal The following are our different models of modular walk-in cold rooms.

  1. Model number VAC-H1 for fruits and vegetable storage. We can provide these models at different sizes.
  2. Model number VAC-H3 for food storage. The food storage cold rooms will have a special food-grade coating inside the cold room if required by you.
  3. Model number VAC –H4 for meat storage. In a meat cold room, one of the challenges is the removal of water, blood etc. We will provide a small opening with a valve for this purpose if required by you. You can always provide a hole by yourself. However, if air comes into the cold room regularly, it will affect the performance.
  4. Model number VAC-H8 for flower storage. We can provide any size as required by you.
  5. Model number VAC-H9 for restaurants. For small restaurants, we provide small-sized cold storage rooms to save space.
  6. Model number VAC – H11 for dairy products. If you require, we will provide a small airtight outlet for water.
  7. Model number VAC –H15 for morgues, mortuaries, crematoriums. This is for positive temperature between 2 to 4°C for keeping bodies.
  8. Model number VAC-H20 for mobile cold storage rooms to assemble on trailers. This is highly customized to suit the trailer sizes.

We supply all these cold rooms across the major African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Algeria, Mauritius, Djibouti, Seychelles. Also, we supply these cheap cold rooms to Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Gabon etc.

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