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Vacker stands for providing greener technological solutions for a better world. VackerGloabl is involved in various technical activities such as automation, air engineering, temperature & humidity management solutions etc.

VacKool low-cost cold storages, cold rooms and walk-in-chillers are supplied by the African division of VackerGlobal, managed from Dubai office. These are ideal for all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Even small farmers can now have their own cold storage in their backyard. Farmers are the backbone of humanity, providing food for all of us through their hard work.

We hope that our VacKooL low-cost cold rooms are a humble effort by us to serve them with the latest technology.

We would like to hear from you about your technical challenges in the farming sector. We are coming up with cold rooms with more features for the farming segment. These include cold rooms connected to the Internet of Things which will also include different types of sensors, predictive analysis, Data analytics etc.

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