How to Build a Low-cost Cold Room Storage?

The primary goal of low-cost cold storage warehouse design is to minimize unused space. As a result, when locating common areas, offices, and cold rooms, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. 

When designing corridors, a strategy for avoiding heavy traffic should be developed. A large anteroom that is kept at a temperature that is between that of the outside and that of storage.

The standard workload density should be used to determine the width of the corridors. The corridor width is determined by the width of the pallet and forklift; 4-5 meters is generally recommended for two-way traffic. The width of the doors should be designed keeping in mind the size of the forklift and pallets, as well as the width of the corridors. Depending on the situation, doors can come in a variety of styles.

You can turn any of the following rooms into a low-cost cold storage facility: 

  • Mud bricks are used to build rooms with brick walls. 
  • Hollow brick wall rooms are built with hollow bricks and cement or concrete. 
  • Rooms with concrete walls made of concrete blocks. 
  • Wooden wall rooms are made of solid wood planks with no gaps in between. 
  • Rooms with sheet steel walls and steel panels. 
  • Galvanised iron sheets were used to construct GI panel rooms. 
  • Wall panels are made of aluminum sheets. 

It is preferable if the room’s roof is horizontal, and the room must be completely enclosed with a proper door. It is difficult to properly insulate the ceiling if the roof is uneven. The room’s shape is unimportant. As our intention is to convert into a low-cost cold storage facility, we will be reducing costs in every aspect.

Therefore, one can build a low-cost cold storage room in an empty space for different purposes in the easiest way.


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