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Are you having the requirement for a cold room to store temperature sensitive products but do not want to invest a large amount of capital at one time? Then the best solution is the container cold rooms. Actually based on the present unreliable economic environment it is an unwanted risk to invest large scale of money for cold rooms. You can go for a container cold room which doesn’t require much capital and also you can deliver it in a very short time period.

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So it’s time-consuming cost-effective and also once you feel like the container cold room is not required anymore to your current business you don’t have to keep it aside and bare the loss, you can hire it for other person or else you can sell it for a good price and get the profit. So from all the ways, this is the best option for a business world.

Features of the cold room VackerGlobal offers


Based on the customer details we suggest the size of the cold room and the mode of the cooling system. And for the cost-effectiveness we use upgraded cooling unit which doesn’t require much initial capital, maintenance cost, and energy consumption. This cold room is beneficial for small business owners as well as a large-scale business since its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This will be half of the cost compared with normal commercial cold stores.

Once we receive an enquiry from customer first our engineers will check the details and design a cold room as customer need especially based on what product they expect to store, how much quantity on average user will store, needed cooling temperature, power supply connection, pattern of storing goods, the way user request of lighting system. And also we take the responsibility to supply the item to customers’ premises within the time period we promised while placing the order.


The modified cooling units are tested and certified by NYSERDA (New York state energy research and development Authority ) and also over 45,000 cold rooms are working all around the world.

There are many types of container cold rooms like dairy cold rooms, fish or meat cold rooms, flower or plants cold rooms, data storing cold rooms, restaurant cold rooms and generally we issue these cold rooms to above 0°C products. So based on the request the cold room design can be changed. And also we recommend our users to keep minimum number of door openings per hour otherwise we have to install an oversized AC unit to maintain the desired temperature range.

Why you have to choose container cold room?


These container cold rooms will be very convenient and as of the customized design, it will be very easy to store the product in a safe way for required time duration as customer prefer. We make our container of a special material and it is very tough, protected and shielded nicely, lightweight as per the customer request. And also in some countries like middle-east, there is a high-level of sunshine and heat at outside during most of the time in the year so in that situation, these container cold rooms will work efficiently and it is particularly long-lasting even it’s placed to straight sunshine. Our container cold room is durable for the winter season as well and it maintains the expected temperature level even the outside climate is very snowy and windy.  So this is 100% weatherproof for any kind of climate change in any unexpected circumstance.

  • We make these containers with non-slippery floors depending on user request then it reduces the number of accidents and also it makes easy to clean the room.
  • In case if you planning to shift the premises then this container cold room is very much flexible and can relocate the cold room as customers wish.
  • We have to offer other special feature if you having storing requirement for data keeping or other secured items we can customize it with multiple locking systems with high security.
  • While you place the order please feel free to explain all the needed features and special requirements how you expect the cold room to be and based on your ideas and wishes we can offer you the best customized designed container cold room as a customer expect.
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